List of diplomatic missions overseas

  List of diplomatic missions overseas .

VISION To promote a peaceful and prosperous Somalia, effectively contributing to the realization of a stable continent and better International understanding.
This is a list of diplomatic missions of Somalia, excluding honorary consulates. Foreign relations of Somalia are handled primarily by the President as the head of state, the Prime Minister as the head of government, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Government .

According to Article 54 of the national constitution, the allocation of powers and resources between the Federal Government and the Federal Republic of Somalia's constituent Federal Member States shall be negotiated and agreed upon by the Federal Government and the .

Federal Member States, except in matters pertaining to foreign affairs, national defense, citizenship and immigration, and monetary policy. .

Article 53 also stipulates that the Federal Government shall consult the Federal Member States on major issues related to international .

agreements, including negotiations visa-a-visa foreign trade, finance and treaties.. .

Management of Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities Co-ordination of State and Official Visits Handling of Protocol Matters .


France      Paris (Embassy)

Germany    Berlin (Embassy)

Italy           Rome (Embassy)

Russia          Moscow (Embassy)

United Kingdom   London (Embassy)



Djibouti    Djibouti (Embassy)

Egypt      Cairo (Embassy)

Ethiopia     Addis Ababa (Embassy

Kenya    Nairobi (Embassy)

Libya     Tripoli (Embassy)

South Africa     Pretoria (Embassy)

South Sudan     Juba (Embassy)

Sudan            Khartoum (Embassy)

Uganda          Kampala (Embassy)

Burundi     Bujumbura (Embassy


China        Beijing (Embassy)

India           New Delhi (Embassy)

Indonesia    Jakarta (Embassy)

Iran               Tehran (Embassy)

Kuwait      Kuwait City (Embassy)

Malaysia       Kuala Lumpur (Embassy)

Oman     Muscat (Embassy)

Pakistan          Islamabad (Embassy)

Qatar                  Doha (Embassy)

Saudi Arabia   Riyadh (Embassy)  Jeddah (Consulate-General)

Syria       Damascus (Embassy)

Turkey   Ankara (Embassy)

United Arab Emirates   Abu Dhabi (Embassy)   Dubai (Consulate-General)

Yemen   San‘a’ (Embassy)   Aden (Consulate-General)

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